My broad research topics are data and graph mining. Recently, I have focused onto applying graph mining tools (such as community detection) to recommender systems and P2P networks. With my new research team, I also contribute to improving data mining on musical scores, aiming at providing better indexing/research, storage and analysis possibilities.

My research work is funded through several "projects", which make the academic world team with companies (it's the main way for French researchers to get grants). You will find more details about the projects I have contributed to below.

There is a list of internships offers at the end of this page, with regular updates.

Ongoing research projects

Mining musical scores (no official name yet, no funding obtained as of 24/12/2015)

Scorelib is a project aiming at offering a platform to index, search and analyse music scores. It aims at continuing the Neuma project, which was done by my colleague before I joined their team.

Genèse du CEDRIC

With colleagues in the History departement, we start a project on the genesis of my computer science lab. The main objective is to understand how a young research field (computer science) was gradually accepted as a legit one. We have a digital humanities perspective, analysing first-hand archive documents and testimonies.

Past research projects

AMMICO (2013-2016)

I was involved in the AMMICO project during my 18-month post-doctoral contract with Univ. Paris 13 and Emmanuel Viennet's team. The project aims at bringing museums, hardware builders and AI and Physics research labs to design new handheld devices for enhancing museum visits. The core idea is to propose geolocation-based recommendations of artworks.

More details on the AMMICO project.

Antipaedo project (2009-2014)

The Antipaedo project funded my Ph. D. research years. There were a French Research Agency project (MAPAP) and a EU commission project (MAPE) around this project, but our effort went beyond those two projects. The aim was to obtain knowledge on paedophile activity in P2P networks. Several methods were used (server side measurements, honeypots, etc.) but most of the project relied on keyword-based queries analysis.

More details can be found on the Antipaedo website.



Those offers are mostly for "Master 2" level, and for Spring 2016. All the work will be under my direct supervision at CNAM. The detailed offers are currently only written in French, please ask for an English version (

  • OPEN POSITION . PDF description.

    Avec Tiphaine Viard, nous proposons un stage franco-japonais, 3 mois en France, 3 mois au Japon, sur l'apport des graphes dynamiques aux systèmes de recommandation.

Former interns

  • Laure Fouard, M2 Paris VII en 2011. Évolution temporelle de l'utilisation de mots-clefs : analyse de traces P2P. Stage à l'UPMC

Scientific community

Member of the PC for the following conferences:

  • MARAMI (2014)
  • HaPoP-3 (2016)

Peer-review for:

  • SNAM (2016)
  • IJAIT (2015)
  • Child Abuse & Neglect (2014)
  • NetSciCom (2013)
  • TRAC (2013)
  • WWW (2012)
  • RCIS (2014)