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NFE204: Distributed databases

RCP216: Data Mining

NSY135: Object-relational mapping with Hibernate


NFA031: Programming Beginner’s course (Java)


  1. Windows system administration. Undergraduate, 30 hours.

    Computer science introductory course on Windows system administration. Lectures and practical work. Objective: enable the students to completely set up and manage several machines with Active Directory (server and clients). Networking, data storage and backup, security and user management.

2009-2010 and 2010-2011

  1. Multimedia applications. Master, 40 hours. [Course documents]

    For students in the Computer Networks Master, a course to overview several steps of processing multimedia data: encoding/decoding, compression, standards, etc. Text and image coding (Huffmann, DCT and jpeg), video presentations with SMILE, FEC.

  2. Web programming. Undergraduate, 30 hours.

    Computer science introductory course on web programming: html, php, css and SQL. Small project of a fake videoclub website.

    Internship supervision of 4 students.