Objects in the Linux kernel: evolution is good (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

Publié le 09 avril 2015

Pour cette nouvelle séance du séminaire « Codes sources », nous aurons l’honneur de recevoir Greg Kroah-Hartman (développeur du noyau Linux). Celle-ci aura lieu le jeudi 9 avril 2015, de 14h-16h, au LIP6. Vous trouverez ci-dessous davantage de détails sur ce séminaire.

Lors de cette séance, Greg Kroah-Hartman présentera

« Objects in the Linux kernel: evolution is good ».

Résumé :

This talk will discuss how the Linux kernel driver model came to be, starting out with one idea, which was refined by a group of people over time to encompass all types of devices within the kernel. This evolution changed Linux to use object oriented programming throughout all drivers, taking small objects and building on them, all using only the C language with almost no runtime overhead.

This model would never have come about except due to the way the Linux kernel is developed, with multiple developer helping each other out, and forcing developers to break their changes up into small individual pieces. Combined with the fact that all device drivers are within the kernel source tree, this has enabled Linux drivers to be, on average, 1/3 smaller than drivers for other operating systems.

Portions of this model have now been copied by the BSD kernels, including MacOS, validating the basic idea in a cross-codebase manner.

Lieu :

Salle 24-25/405 du LIP6 (monter dans la rotonde 24 ou 25 jusqu’au 4e étage)

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