Source codes open only to the happy few who take the trouble to read them. One discovers that algorithm elegance sometimes relies not only on its complexity but also on the remarkable usage of language idioms or the fine knowledge of the computer it will be executed on. Most of the time, source codes contain more comments than actual code, but those treasures are lost at compilation.

The aim of our seminar is to read and describe those works as texts. We hope to contribute to the formation of a general knowledge in programming. In litterature as in computer science, get accustomed to large collections of texts is necessary.

During each session, the speaker, young or senior researcher in computer science, history or philosophy, presents a source code of his/her choice: operating system element, hardware driver, compiler, library, etc. He or she may have written the code, which can be in any programming language. Discussion may be algorithmically, historically or philosophically oriented. A specific time is then reserved for Q and A with the audience. Most of our sessions will be in French.

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